What’s most interesting about you is that you don’t fit a mold. And you don’t want to. At SageBroadview, we get that about you.
In fact, we love it.

Trouble is, doing “different” takes extra time and energy. You’re plenty busy living your life — capturing its essence, pursuing your passions, engaging your people. You know your financial affairs are a critical catalyst, but who’s got time to fine-tune the engine when you’re already running at top speed?

That’s where SageBroadview comes in. As far as we’re concerned, “good enough” shouldn’t be good enough for YOU.

Break the mold. Your SageBroadview client experience is custom-crafted to release you and your money from the confines of status quo. We’re as excited about optimizing your personal finances as you are about, well, almost anything else. We’ve built on that enthusiasm with our three-pillared approach to personalized client care: combining financial life planning, money management and tax management designed to last a lifetime.

Helping interesting (busy) people create a peaceful and prosperous life – that’s our “different.”


Do you remember that uplifting feeling when you were young, and it was your first day of summer vacation? You awoke to an eternity, bursting with promise. You couldn’t wait to round up your friends and seize every day.

Imagine feeling that way as a grown-up. Here’s how you do it: Organize what you’ve got, figure out what you really want out of it, and establish a sensible way to get there. That’s SageBroadview Financial Life Planning.

We begin with process – full-service, tightly attuned, expertly applied to help you enjoy rather than chase your life’s pursuits.
Our First Year Together is followed by Ongoing Financial Life Planning, designed to:

1. Identify, organize and enhance your financial affairs – your greatest opportunities as well as your biggest challenges.
2. Align your financial planning with what you want most out of life – whatever is meaningful and true to you.
3. Cover a spectrum of related planning areas, including goals, financial independence, tax, insurance, estate, education
and equity compensation.
4. Release you from complexities that you don’t remember signing up for to begin with, providing personal, encompassing care.

We don’t rest there. With your financial life planning covered, we integrate expert Money Management as another essential step toward financial freedom.

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As with our Financial Life Planning, your clearly defined personal goals serve as our beacon for your money management.
Setting sights on these goals, SageBroadview helps you make better decisions, with investing that make sense for you.

Decades of academic evidence make it clear: There are endless market factors over which we have no control. That same evidence exposes what we can control. We help you equip your investment portfolio accordingly — for efficiency, for effectiveness, for the long haul:

1. Markets are largely efficient. Wise investors understand that the best way to capture long-term market returns is to build a portfolio that reflects their goals and risk tolerance … and sit tight for the rocky ride.

2. Risk and reward are related. Most investors need some market risk and its expected rewards to achieve sufficient returns.
But risk is not just theory, it’s very real. Handle with care! Guided by your goals, we build your custom portfolio from a blend of riskier and more stable investments to keep you on target to your desired outcome.

3. Diversify for discipline. While some amount of market risk is essential, by diversifying that risk across numerous securities, it’s possible to smooth out some of the extremes, helping you better stay on course.

4. Costs matter. Every dollar of expense is one less dollar you get to keep. That’s why we turn to fund families such as Dimensional Fund Advisors to implement these sound principles as cost-effectively and tax-efficiently as possible.

SageBroadview Money Management covers the lifecycle of your investment activities, from initial planning and implementation;
through monitoring, reporting and rebalancing; onward to effective distributions for spending.

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Tax planning is among the most overlooked components in financial life planning, even though it can represent a significant “gotcha” if it is not carefully integrated into your financial road map. By integrating tax management throughout your SageBroadview experience, we take a “no surprise” approach to minimizing your tax obligations as we can, and budgeting for them as we must.

1. Upfront
During initial planning, we review your prior-year tax return for tax-planning opportunities and prepare a tax projection for the current year.

2. Annually
We recommend an annual, current-year tax projection to remain on top of tax-planning opportunities and to ensure that liquid assets are available when needed.

3. Ongoing
We minimize taxes owed by proactively incorporating tax-management strategies, such as year-round tax-loss harvesting, into your money management. We also remain vigilant for tax-minimizing opportunities within your business and executive compensation arrangements, retirement planning, charitable and estate plans, and the remaining spectrum of your financial life.

4. Interactively
We turn to Larry Annello, CPA/PFS, CFP® for specialized personal and corporate tax preparation support. Sheri Cupo’s experience as a former GE executive and business owner also brings a valuable perspective. Together, they offer informed, tax-sensitive insights to our client care as well as more broadly through periodic tax-management blog posts.

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Q: How do you handle new client inquiries?
We typically begin any new relationship with a no-cost, no obligation “get acquainted” session, during which you can evaluate us and we can offer our suggestions on whether and how we may be of service to you. If we aren’t a best fit for you, we will let you know. If we’re aware of a service that may be better-suited to your particular needs, we’ll let you know that as well. Regardless, we respect and appreciate your willingness to take time out of your schedule to meet with us. We ask you to complete a quick questionnaire and submit it to us prior to this initial meeting, so we can make the most effective use of our time together with targeted, valuable dialogue appropriate to your circumstances. If this sounds good to you, please be in touch with us to schedule your “get acquainted” session.

Q: Can you tell me more about your Financial Life Planning services?
The process begins with our “get acquainted” session described above. After we mutually commit to proceeding, we will then work together to set and prioritize your personal goals and build a plan toward achieving them, based on deep analysis of your unique opportunities, challenges and related circumstances. With your initial planning in place, we work with you on an ongoing basis to assess progress and make adjustments as appropriate. Throughout, we help you implement your financial planning with sensible, well-aligned money management. We also coordinate other recommended resources such as risk management or estate planning as your needs warrant.

Q: Can you tell me more about your Money Management strategies?
As with our “less is more” business philosophy, we similarly believe the best money management strategy is one that eliminates complexity and confusion, so you can understand what you’re investing in and, most importantly, why. Heeding the robust academic evidence on efficient capital market investment, we focus on helping you understand the factors that you can effectively harness toward achieving your personal goals … and which are the ones that are more likely to distract than to assist you. Of course, there’s an abundance of data supporting this strategy, and we’re happy to share additional insights with you any time. But, bottom line, it’s really as simple as that.

Q: What about your Tax Management strategies?
Our combined experience in accounting, financial planning and investing – along with our perspective as business owners and corporate executives – help us enhance your SageBroadview client experience by folding in tax planning as an integral component – never an after-thought.

Planning and implementation of tax-savvy financial and investment strategies is incorporated into the cost of your SageBroadview fees. Tax preparation services are not included.

Q: Are SageBroadview and I a good fit for one another?
At SageBroadview, we live by the “less is more” adage, even in our business strategy. We would rather care for a manageable number of clients exceedingly well based on our areas of expertise, than on randomly amassing raw numbers. Our typical client relationships are busy professionals — corporate executives & managers, medical professionals, attorneys and small business owners — who are in accelerated accumulation or have successfully transitioned into the early retirement stages of their careers. By combining highly targeted financial life planning with sensible investment portfolio management, we excel at assisting those who are seeking to unclutter their financial affairs and get on with their time-strapped lives and careers. SageBroadview clients are interested in a long-term advisory relationship rather than a one-time engagement. We welcome inquiries from people who feel that our services are a particularly good fit and are comfortable with our fees.

Q: Do you receive any other forms of compensation such as commissions or referral fees?
We are loudly and proudly a Fee-Only firm, which means you, our client, are our sole source of compensation. There are never any distractions in the form of third-party incentives — we do not receive commissions or referral fees. Because costs are among the most important determinants of satisfactory financial outcomes (or conversely, among the greatest drags on the same), we seek to ensure that your overall expenses remain well-managed, while still enabling us to deliver the standards of care you deserve as a SageBroadview client.

Q: What does it cost to work with SageBroadview?
Transparent costs are very important to us. We emphasize fully disclosed pricing in any outside services we may recommend as well as for our own fees. This is one reason we itemize our Financial Life Planning and Money Management fees for you — so you can see exactly where your money is being spent and determine whether it is a good value for your needs:

Financial Life Planning fees are fixed for two years, are based on the complexity of your financial situation and start at $1,250 quarterly. We typically quote your FLP fee during our “get acquainted” session.

Money Management fees are variable, fluctuating as the dollar value of your managed investment accounts fluctuate. They are also paid quarterly. They are set at 1/8 of one percent quarterly (0.125%) of the $ value of the accounts we manage on your behalf. This is equivalent to an annualized rate of 1/2 of one percent (0.50%). Our minimum Money Management fee is $750 per quarter.

To ensure we can serve you as you deserve, all clients are enrolled in both our Financial Life Planning and Money Management services.

The minimum All-in Fee is $8,000 annually. You may elect to have our fees deducted from your managed accounts.

Q: Where will my money be held?
We use Charles Schwab or Pershing as the independent custodians for accounts we manage on your behalf. We also work with Shareholders Service Group (SSG) to provide operational support. Your accounts are held in your name. You merely grant us Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to execute transactions on your behalf. Importantly, you also have 24×7 online access to your accounts, as well as independent monthly account reports.

Q: What are my next steps if I’d like to explore getting started with SageBroadview?
Do you like what you’ve seen so far? If you feel our services might be an appropriate fit for you and you’d like to learn more, click here to take the next step and schedule an introductory phone call with us.

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