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What Sheri’s Been Reading … September 2014 Edition

22 maps and charts that will surprise you (Vox) Wow! Why Peak-Oil Predictions Haven’t Come True (WSJ) “More Experts Now Believe Technology Will Continue to Unlock New Sources” Capitalism Is Saving the Climate, You Hippies (The Daily Beast) “Wall Street is financing the construct
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SageBroadview Summer Reflections: Part 2

Last week, we shared some of Sheri’s and Larry’s reflections on how they embodied our tagline this summer: Appreciate the Wealth of Your Life.® This week, we hear from others on the SageBroadview team along the same theme. We’d still enjoy hearing about you and your family’s own activ
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Bend, Oregon

SageBroadview Summer Reflections: Part 1

As we seek to inspire you and your family to Appreciate the Wealth of Your Life®, we would be remiss if we did not lead by example. To that end, this week and next, we’d like to share the ways each of us at SageBroadview embodied our firm’s tagline in our summer activities. How have y
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Considering Market Corrections

Depending on how you measure it, the U.S. stock market has been relatively calm now for somewhere between 2– 3 years, with no noteworthy corrections to report. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been plenty of alarming news that could have triggered a “head for the hills” correction, but
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college bound student finance

The Bittersweet Ups and Downs of Sending Your Child to College

Can you ever really be prepared for the day you drop your first born off at college? Our day came on Sunday, August 24. We loaded the car until it could hold no more. As we arrived on campus, sorority and fraternity students swooped in and brought all of our son’s earthly possessions
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Get Along, Little Market

As we introduced in our last post, we’ve obtained the rights to share what we feel is an excellent series of articles: Evidence-Based Investment Insights. Here is the final post in this seven-part series. In our last piece, “Managing the Market’s Risky Business,” we described how dive
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