We are experienced professionals helping other professionals unclutter their financial affairs, and get on with their lives and their careers. We’ve also got interests, community and personal experiences that contribute in great part to the whole that is SageBroadview.



Larry’s driving force comes from more than a quarter-century of experience as a CPA and financial professional, combined with his personal dedication to serving families, busy professionals and business owners in his community. His ongoing mission at SageBroadview is to provide clients with the planning, execution and oversight needed to build and sustain the rich life they envision.

In 2014, Larry merged BroadView Financial Planning, where he was managing partner, with SAGE Advisory Group, where Sheri Iannetta Cupo was founding principal. Together they are SageBroadview Financial Planning. Larry is currently also a principal with a national tax advisory firm that has regional offices in Connecticut and New York. Past experiences include being a partner in a Connecticut CPA firm and serving as Chief Financial Officer for two privately-owned companies. He began his financial services career with international accounting firm KPMG, concentrating on financial reporting and tax matters for middle-market companies and their family owners.

Larry graduated magna cum laude from the University of Hartford in Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He also completed both the Chief Executives and Senior Officers in Family Business program and the Strategy Analysis for Finance and Marketing program at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Larry is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and holds a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). He is a member of the AICPA and its Personal Financial Planning Division; the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants (CSCPA) and The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

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    When he’s not working…

    My wife Beverly and I enjoy nothing more than sitting around the dining room table with our family and friends, enjoying a home-cooked meal and some fine wine. We also love vacationing in Vermont, soaking in all of its beauty and simply enjoy the peacefulness.

    For the love of photography

    When I’m on my own, I dive into my photography hobby as an enthusiastic amateur. Photography drives me to get outside and visit places I’ve never been. I’ll crawl into the woods, for example, to get just the right shot at just the right time of day. Having a photogenic Golden Retriever, Colbie, close by often leads to a nice portrait for the family archives.

    Early life lessons

    I was an only child growing up, and my mom passed away when I was 16, leaving me and my dad in survival mode on everything from managing money to learning how to cook. My dad taught me early on the lifelong importance of looking out for each other and making responsible financial decisions.

    Why the Yankees?

    All I know is that my father was a Yankees fan and he would listen to Yankee games on the radio day and night. I’ve been a Yankees fan since age 8, after the first game I went to in the old Yankee Stadium. Everyone in our family today is a Yankees fan. I hope the day will come that I’ll be able to bring my grandchildren to Yankee Stadium as well.

    Favorite analogy on client relationships

    I like to tell prospective clients that we’re going to learn to dance together. At first, we may step on each other’s toes as we learn the patterns. When we get our steps down, it should be a harmonious flow. We should be wondering why we haven’t done this dance long before.

    How to get a rise out of him

    I generally keep my opinions to myself. But when I think somebody’s ripping off one of my clients … Get out of my way, baby.


With first-hand experience as a corporate executive, small-business owner and stay-at-home parent, Sheri is like a Swiss Army Knife: Her varied background has equipped her to help individuals and families cut through an array of financial complexities standing in the way of their most fulfilling lives.

Before beginning her career in financial planning, Sheri served for 15 years as a corporate executive at General Electric (GE). She initiated her tenure in GE’s prestigious Financial Management Program, expanding into a variety of financial and customer service management positions in GE's Power Systems group. Among her favorite roles was assisting the HR department by providing specialized employee counsel on company pension, 401(k), insurance and Social Security benefits.

Sheri’s GE tenure was rewarding and fulfilling. So, too, was her decision to break from the fast-paced corporate life in 1996 so that she could concentrate more fully on her family, and prepare for a new career as a business owner and financial life planner. During this period, Sheri pursued continuing education in financial planning, with a specialized interest in corporate compensation analysis and management. She also gained first-hand experience in considering family wealth from the vantage point of the at-home parent. In 2001, Sheri became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and founded SAGE Advisory Group, which merged with BroadView Financial Planning in 2014 to form SageBroadview Financial Planning. Sheri holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Virginia Tech, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She also is a member and proponent of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

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    Biggest life lesson

    In 2008 (just as the Great Recession got under way!) my family and I were in a serious car accident. My husband and two sons were banged up but otherwise fine; I could still walk and talk, but my neck was fractured in two places. While recovery was long and slow, it could have been worse. Countless friends, family and professional associates rallied around me in unimaginable ways, reaffirming how precious each individual is to the circle of life. The experience strengthened my resolve to help others face their own challenges, especially in connecting their financial decisions with their deepest life goals.

    Best way to unwind

    I try to make time for practicing yoga and meditation. But, really, I’m most in my element attending rock ‘n’ roll concerts with my guys. So far we have seen the Foo Fighters, Elton John & Billy Joel, The Who, Neutral Milk Hotel, Squeeze and the B52s. I also enjoy the best medicine of laughter by seeing comedians’ shows, such as Steven Wright, John Pinette and Louis CK.

    Favorite business reads

    Carl Richard’s “The Behavior Gap,” Bo Burlingham’s “Small Giants,” Guy Kawasaki’s “Enchantment,” and … stay tuned. I’m a voracious reader, and I look forward to sharing ongoing insights gained on our blog.

    Favorite reads as a young girl (and to this day!)

    Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time,” Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” and L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables.” (You may notice a theme here!)

    Favorite quote taken to heart

    “Life astounds us in an instant, changing all we know.” ~ Mary Chapin Carpenter

    Most people wouldn’t guess …

    Even though I cannot sing a note or play a musical instrument, I secretly dream of going on tour. In real life, I live vicariously through my sons’ musical talents: Dominic’s electric guitar and Devon’s drums.


With financial planning representing both a humanistic art as well as an analytic science, David strikes the happy medium in his role as SageBroadview’s Senior Advisor. Joining us in 2007, David works closely with many of our clients, building personal relationships during their financial life planning. He also assists with technical support, data and analytical research, and overall practice management.

Before joining us, David’s global experiences took him from two years of teaching English with the Peace Corps in Guinea, West Africa, to retail management with Sears, Roebuck, & Co. in Maine, to seven years as a “jack of all trades” at a North Carolina software company … back to his family home in Vermont, to provide his father with end-of-life care. While serving as executor and trustee for two small family trusts during this period, David saw first-hand the importance of objective financial and estate planning, discovering his own affinity for assisting others facing similar challenges within their families.

After completing the rigorous program and field work required, he obtained his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification in 2010. In addition to his credentials and professional experience, David is a member and proponent of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). He holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He and his wife Karla share their dog-loving home in Connecticut with their two college-aged children, Erin and Zack.

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    Variations on your name

    I grew up as “Dave,” but since that didn’t translate well during my Peace Corps time in French-speaking Guinea, I switched to “David.” Then there are the various ways people pronounce “Principe” (sounds like “recipe”). As for the “J.” at the beginning, it keeps my professional designations consistent with my birth certificate and reminds me of my roots. For the curious, the “J” stands for “John,” a family name passed along from my grandfather. People I’ve never met will call me John, which makes me chuckle, but I prefer David or Dave. Take your pick.

    Favorite vacation destination

    Our family lake house in Vermont, where I first met my wife Karla, whose family had a house there too. What began as casual encounters as kids became a letter-writing exchange during the end of college and my time in West Africa. My first letter to her had the ZIP code wrong, but fortunately it reached her anyway. This grew into a romance, and the rest is history. After decades of visiting Vermont, we still love returning to our old stomping grounds there.

    Why the affinity for “chick flicks”?

    Having lost my mother when I was 22 and my father when I was 34, I have a strong appreciation for the stages of life and how fast they go by. I would like to live longer than my parents, to know my kids as adults, hopefully with their kids. I guess that makes me a sucker for sentimental movies. You’re more likely to find me appreciating “Salmon Fishing in Yemen” than the latest “Batman” (though I must confess a certain addiction to “Lost”).

    Favorite power tool

    I enjoy projects around the house and outdoors, ranging from electrical work to a new dock at the lake to a butterfly house for our garden. One of the tools I appreciate the most is the chain saw. I have the utmost respect for it — both its capabilities and its risks. A recent winter storm here in Connecticut brought heavy snow and tree damage. During the clean-up, I assisted a number of neighbors in clearing fallen limbs and trees. It felt good to be able to dive right in and help people dig out from the storm.

    A study in contrasts

    In my profession, I’m very organized and analytical. Maybe that’s why one of my favorite hobbies is cultivating the volunteer plants that take seed in our compost pile. Pumpkins, squash … you name it. Whatever goes to seed, we throw it in our front garden, mow around the vines, and wind up with a different crop each year. I love seeing what serendipity has in store for us next!

    Favorite mind-clearing activity

    Ice skating. When the lake freezes solid and it’s clear and hard, there’s nothing better than getting out there, to just skate, skate, skate.

Having joined SageBroadview as an associate advisor in 2011, Chris achieved his CFP® credentials while gaining seasoned, hands-on advisory experience while working alongside our wealth management team. In 2016, he became our own, in-house success story, joining our ranks as a wealth manager and broadening our ability to serve investors throughout the northeast by opening an additional SageBroadview office in Burlington, MA.

Nurturing an early interest in business and finance, Chris began by managing the daily operations of multiple branches of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. He subsequently transitioned into financial planning by joining SageBroadview. Chris also experienced a personal transition in 2012, when he married his college sweetheart Lindsay. In 2016, they welcomed their daughter Avery Grace to the world.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Bryant University and is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). He is active in NAPFA's Genesis networking group for supporting professional growth and development among next-generation NAPFA advisors. Chris earned his CFP® Certification in 2014.

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    As a native of Connecticut, which is it: Mets or Yankees?

    Yankees, for sure! My father is a Yankees fan. His father was too. It’s one of those generational things. It’s in our blood.

    Pets or kids?

    Yes, please. We started with a golden retriever but since Avery Grace was born, Lindsay and I have experienced more love than we ever thought possible. Our parents were great role models, giving themselves to us in a million different ways when we were growing up. Seeing their example has helped a lot as we get used to being first-time parents.

    Most likely dinnertime conversation

    Between Lindsay’s accounting career and my role at SageBroadview, we often have conversations related to finance. Otherwise, it’s usually either babies or golf. I may be more of a fanatic golfer, but Lindsay’s has learned fast. I’m definitely “that guy” who walks around the house taking practice swings … with invisible clubs, of course.

    The way to your heart

    That used to be my mom’s chicken cutlets. I could eat them all day. But when Avery Grace was born, she quickly took over first-place.


Lynn joined SageBroadview in 2001 to bring her special brand of calm order to our sometimes hectic universe. Her professional and personal resume have prepared her well for taking on this challenging role, often serving as first point of contact for client and visitor requests, while simultaneously tending to our smooth-flowing business operations. We know it’s not as easy as she makes it seem.

Before joining us, Lynn completed a bachelor’s in marketing from Rutgers School of Business and initiated her professional career in the vibrant New York City’s garment center, selling women’s sportswear to major department stores from within the heart of the city that never sleeps. From there, she became product manager at a private label company, overseeing a team of designers, production coordinators and cost analysts in creating product lines according to rigorous, private-label specifications.

The level of detail demanded by Lynn’s professional endeavors served her well when she and her husband Scott launched a successful career as parents to their two children, Sarah and Colin. Motherhood has further contributed to her empathy for the importance of our helping families with well-crafted financial plans for securing their future.

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    Biggest guilty pleasure

    Hands down, it’s reading. I am often juggling three or more books at a time (and our Amazon bills show it): one for my iPad, one on my Kindle and one hardbound. On vacation, I’m even worse. I should have a t-shirt that says, “I’d rather be reading a book.”

    You are a sucker for …

    Dogs. All of them, but especially our beautiful black lab Bella. We share a daily, 45-minute walk that I refer to as our “morning chill.” She has a way of looking me straight in the eye like nobody else can. I always wonder what she’s thinking. In my next life, I think I’d like to be a veterinarian.

    Biggest value you would like to pass on to your children

    I value kindness and empathy. But I’d say the biggest value to pass on is the importance of moderation in all things. Moderation pretty much applies to all things, and I think it’s particularly important to learn while you’re young.

    Most in common with your daughter

    I’ve been an avid yoga practitioner for almost 30 years. I find it a perfect way to maintain balance and harmony in my life. As Sarah has been growing up, I’ve been delighted to practice yoga with her; it’s one thing we connect with together. Sarah likes the power yoga classes the most – the hard ones. She doesn’t like the slower styles as much. “Too ‘Zen’ for me, Mom,” she says.

    From quiet beaches to the big city

    Our favorite getaways reflect life’s balance. I love spending time by the water (book in hand). In fact, we dream of the day we might retire to a waterfront property, where we can have all the kids and extended family come visit! But I also love the energy level of New York City, which we visit often. I think it’s good to have a mix of calm retreat and vibrant activity in life.