LLIS Disability

Open Enrollment Time: Part 2 – Disability Insurance

Sheri’s take: As this year’s open enrollment period goes into full swing, you and your family can use the opportunity to not only review your healthcare coverage, but also to take a fresh look at life and disability insurance coverage available to you. Last week, we were pleased to sh
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Open Enrollment Time: Part 1 – Life Insurance

Sheri’s take: There’s strength in numbers, especially in having a number of well-informed alliances to supplement our own financial know-how. Mark Maurer, CFP®, MBA, president and CEO of LLIS is one such alliance we’ve long maintained – because protecting the wealth you’ve already got
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Savings Bond Tips in a Tech-Savvy World

If there’s an investment instrument that has withstood the test of time, it’s the good, old U.S. savings bond. Since their 1935 debut under “New Deal” President Franklin D. Roosevelt, they’ve never been known for their get-rich glamour. But to this day, investors still turn to them wh
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budgeting apps

Four Budgeting Apps for Young Adults: Making Budgeting More Fun?

Okay, I know budgeting is rarely fun for anyone, but it can be especially hard on young adults. You’ve just wrapped up your formal education and received your first decent paycheck – way more than you’ve been earning between classes. What’s a common reaction? “I deserve a shopping spr
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Student Financial Aid

Breaking News: Student Financial Aid Just Got Easier

Attention, all parents and students! We bid farewell to Sheri’s Summer Refresher Series and bring you an important, good-news announcement that you might have missed in all the back-to-school action (including all the obligatory “first day at school” social media posts and pics). As r
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Health Savings Account

Summer Refresher: Health Savings Accounts, Your Tax-Saving Super Power?

We founded SageBroadview because we love that warm, fuzzy feeling we receive when we can give financial advice that helps others appreciate the wealth of their life. Our favorite investment tips are the kinds that offer a double punch: (1) They’re not common knowledge, so they often g
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Time is Money

Time Is Money: Start Saving for Retirement Now – Summer Refresher Series

Let us count the ways that we still love this post about the benefits of youthful investing in a Roth IRA. First, there are few investment lessons more powerful than the importance of starting to save and invest when you’re young, with time, compound returns and tax sheltering opportu
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College finance

Summer Refresher: The Ups and Downs of Sending Your Child to College

In early June, several of us at SageBroadview shared our recent adventures in the college admissions process. In particular, Sheri described some of the college admission challenges  that she, her husband and her youngest son Devon encountered as they sought a good fit for his higher
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SageBroadview’s Crash Course in College Admissions Part IV: The Drama of a Theatrical Program

Following up on Sheri’s insights  from Devon’s search for a musical program, Wendy Vissar reflects on the challenges that she, her husband Michael Slackman and their son Nikolas have encountered in his desire to pursue a career in theatrical arts. As long-time neighbors and good frien
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college auditions

SageBroadview’s Crash Course in College Admissions Part III: Applying for Performing Arts Programs

Shakespeare may have been right when he penned, “All the world’s a stage.” But as Sheri, her husband Dave and their youngest son Devon have discovered, an aspiring performing arts student will still find the college admissions process even more challenging as a result of extra auditio
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