The Worth of Sage Advice Part IV: Crunching the Numbers on Advisor “Alpha”

In our last post, “What’s Driving Your Advisor Relationship,” we discussed some of the qualitative ingredients that go into a satisfying advisor relationship. Essentials such as fiduciary duty, seasoned experience and transparent fees are critical. But qualitative assessments should a
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The Worth of Sage Advice Part III: What’s Driving Your Advisor Relationship?

In our last post, “Good, Better and Best Advisor Value,” we shared some reasons we feel it’s worth working with a professional financial advisor rather than going it alone. As we continue to explore the worth of sage advice this month, we’ll describe how to identify, not just any advi
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The Worth of Sage Advice Part II: “Good, Better and Best” Advisor Value

In a recent post, “Obvious Man Takes on the Wealth Advisor World,” we introduced a subject of obvious interest to us: the value we believe a financial advisor can bring to helping you manage the wealth of your life. We also promised to provide additional information throughout Novembe
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The Worth of Sage Advice Part I: “Obvious Man” Takes on the Wealth Advisor World

Let’s begin by dispensing with the obvious. As financial advisors, we’ve got some serious skin in the game when we propose that there is great value to be had by turning to a financial advisor to help you manage the wealth of your life. Still, just because a statement is obvious, does
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