Bored and Brilliant

Bored… and Brilliant? A Book That Challenges You to Disconnect from Your Phone

Do you have any idea how often you pick up your smartphone throughout the day (and night)? Do you feel addicted to your phone? Are you losing your ability to focus when you read and when you work? If so, then I have just the book for you — “Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out C
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Here's What Sheri's Been Reading...

Here’s What Sheri’s Been Reading…

The Fun Stuff: Love me some new Star Trek! (moviefone) BIG BANG THEORY Exclusive: Comedy Great Bob Newhart to Guest Star as Sheldon’s [Spoiler] (tvline) Five Reasons Mister Rogers Was A Rock Star ( Equinox comes from Latin: aequus means equal, level, or calm; nox means n
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SAGE NetExchange Client Accounts Go Mobile

Happy Valentine’s Day! To further sweeten our clients’ finances in 2013, we’re pleased to announce availability of a secure, easy-to-use iPhone, or iPad mobile app for accessing SAGE NetExchange client accounts. Check out an upcoming, heartfelt blog posting we’re preparing for a sugge
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Logo Before And After

Anatomy of a SAGE Makeover: Style and Substance

Start spreading the news! To better reflect what’s fresh as well as what’s familiar about us, SAGE ADVISORY GROUP has just finished rebranding our all-new logo and website. Not because anything essential about us has changed. Our mission remains the same: “We are professionals,
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