bull market

3 Things: Bull Markets, Investing Internationally, and Summer Jobs

No, we are not in a 9-year-old bull market 1. Currently some clients, and pundits, are voicing concerns about the longevity of the current bull market. In the September 2017 article “No, This Is Not the Second Longest Bull Market Ever”, Barry Ritholtz and Michael Batnick laid out the
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3 Things: Taxes, Taxes & More Taxes

  Have you heard about that new Postcard-sized Tax Return? Kelly Phillips Erb, aka @taxgirl, gives us a first look in Here’s How The New Postcard-Sized 1040 Differs From Your Current Tax Return. Yes, the new 1040 is smaller but it comes with at least six additional schedule
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Retirement Accounts

3 Things: “Retirement” Accounts for All Ages + 2018 Tax Tips

How do you save for “retirement” if you don’t participate in a 401(k) plan? Katie Lobosco with CNN Money writes “The good news is that there are other accounts you can open yourself that offer similar benefits. For some self-employed people, the benefits can be even better than a trad
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Year-End Reflections on the New Tax Law

Year-End Reflections on the New Tax Law

Here is a copy of a letter we sent to our SageBroadview clients: Year-End Reflections on the New Tax Law Dear SageBroadview Clients and Friends: We interrupt your busy holiday season with a reach-out on this week’s U.S. tax code overhaul. While the ink still dries on this sweeping new
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Smart About Charitable Giving

3 Things: Being Smart About Charitable Giving

Being smart about charitable giving  1.   As Barry Ritholz notes in this oldie but goodie — “giving to charity is personally fulfilling and it helps those in need, but some charities are better than others in channeling donations to where they are most needed.” Find out how to d
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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

3 Things: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 Senate Republicans passed their tax reform bill in the wee hours last Saturday morning. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters that the GOP tax bill would pay for itself. Independent analysis rejects this notion. Next step: turning two
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Republican Tax Plan

3 Things: The Republican Tax Plan

At SageBroadview we are very busy this holiday season and I expect our readers are too. So, for the rest of the year, barring an emergency that I would need to address (another credit agency security breach, for example), we will keep things short and sweet. I will share three article
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Election Day

What Sheri’s Reading: Election Day Edition

If you lived in a place with an election yesterday I hope you exercised your right to vote. Here’s why. Tax Nerd Stuff: On Monday, November 2nd, 2017 the House Republican leaders released the “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act” tax bill. We at SageBroadview are reviewing the proposal with
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Tax Tips Part 2

Tax Tips for Today and Tomorrow 2017 – Part 2: Timeless Tax Tactics

Part 2:  Timeless Tax Tactics In our last post, we covered some of the latest, timely topics to freshen up on as you sharpen your pencils for this year’s tax season, including: reviewing the IRS’ latest “Dirty Dozen” tax scams, noting what’s changed for the current tax season, and con
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Tax Tips 2017

Tax Tips for Today and Tomorrow 2017 – Part 1: Three Timely Tips

Part 1: Three Timely Tips for Tax Day, 2017 Especially if you’re a business owner (and even if you’re not), shortly after we’re done celebrating the New Year, our minds tend to turn to that next red-letter event: Tax Day. This year, that’s April 18 for most of us … unless you’re a pat
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