Election Day

What Sheri’s Reading: Election Day Edition

If you lived in a place with an election yesterday I hope you exercised your right to vote. Here’s why. Tax Nerd Stuff: On Monday, November 2nd, 2017 the House Republican leaders released the “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act” tax bill. We at SageBroadview are reviewing the proposal with
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Tax Tips Part 2

Tax Tips for Today and Tomorrow 2017 – Part 2: Timeless Tax Tactics

Part 2:  Timeless Tax Tactics In our last post, we covered some of the latest, timely topics to freshen up on as you sharpen your pencils for this year’s tax season, including: reviewing the IRS’ latest “Dirty Dozen” tax scams, noting what’s changed for the current tax season, and con
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Tax Tips 2017

Tax Tips for Today and Tomorrow 2017 – Part 1: Three Timely Tips

Part 1: Three Timely Tips for Tax Day, 2017 Especially if you’re a business owner (and even if you’re not), shortly after we’re done celebrating the New Year, our minds tend to turn to that next red-letter event: Tax Day. This year, that’s April 18 for most of us … unless you’re a pat
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YouTube IRS

Do You YouTube? The IRS Does

  “Hip and happening” isn’t the usual phrase that comes to mind when you think about the Internal Revenue Service. A more common stereotype is captured by Will Ferrell’s character, IRS Agent Harold Crick in the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.” Harold Crick counts the strokes when h
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Health Savings Account

Summer Refresher: Health Savings Accounts, Your Tax-Saving Super Power?

We founded SageBroadview because we love that warm, fuzzy feeling we receive when we can give financial advice that helps others appreciate the wealth of their life. Our favorite investment tips are the kinds that offer a double punch: (1) They’re not common knowledge, so they often g
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Medicare Tax

Summer Refresher: The 3.8% Medicare Surtax

One favorite guest re-post deserves another. This next one originally arrived just in time for Halloween. Authored by Larry Annello (shortly before our two firms merged into SageBroadview), the witching season went well with the theme of the then-new, potential 3.8% Medicare surtax on
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restricted stock units

A Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) Review

Normally, we love to crank out fresh weekly blog posts, just as we’ve been doing since August 2012. That was before Sage and Broadview had even joined forces to become the unified firm we are today. One of our earlier posts from March 2013 happens to be an important one, on a subject
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SBV In The News: Avoiding Tax Scams

On January, 13  Nasdaq published Sheri’s piece Avoiding Tax Scams. The article tells/warns you how to avoid tax scammers that call your house and try to get your personal info. “While the Internal Revenue Service may not be your favorite federal agency, criminals posing as
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Organizing Your Financial “Stuff”

In our recent post, “Making Time for Creativity,” we shared some insights from “Big Magic” author Elizabeth Gilbert on how and why you should make room in your life for intangible inspiration. This includes organizing your more tangible financial interests. Here are three handy habits
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An Update on Colbie and a Taxing Conversation

  Todays post is written by SageBroadview Principal, Larry Annello. A few months ago, I introduced our adorable puppy Colbie to the SageBroadview community. While our affection for her has grown with her paw size, Colbie is lucky that she is so darn cute, given her talent for sni
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