Health and Wealth

Summer Refresher: Integrating Your Health and Your Wealth

The lessons learned from our 2013 post on health and wealth seem like an excellent way to wrap Sheri’s Summer Refresher Series, before we move on to new ideas and fresh posts for the rest of the year. If there’s one piece that gets to the heart of what we’re about at SageBroadview, th
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Crazy Quilt Investing

Summer Refresher: Crazy Quilt Investing

Today we revisit one of the most refreshing investment ideas we know: the randomness of near-term market returns. Pick a year, any year. If you’re ever tempted to guess how capital markets are going to fare in the year following, all you have to do is take a look at this crazy quilt c
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Health Savings Account

Summer Refresher: Health Savings Accounts, Your Tax-Saving Super Power?

We founded SageBroadview because we love that warm, fuzzy feeling we receive when we can give financial advice that helps others appreciate the wealth of their life. Our favorite investment tips are the kinds that offer a double punch: (1) They’re not common knowledge, so they often g
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How Much is Your Portfolio Costing You? Understanding Your Portfolio Fees – Summer Refresher Series

In some respects, we wish this piece weren’t worth re-posting. We’d prefer it if today’s investors no longer needed to be on the look-out for the opaque fees and conflicts of interest described. Unfortunately, with only a few minor updates, the information is still as relevant today a
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Medicare Tax

Summer Refresher: The 3.8% Medicare Surtax

One favorite guest re-post deserves another. This next one originally arrived just in time for Halloween. Authored by Larry Annello (shortly before our two firms merged into SageBroadview), the witching season went well with the theme of the then-new, potential 3.8% Medicare surtax on
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Stock Options Out of Jeopardy

Summer Refresher: Four Questions to Keep Your Stock Options Out of Jeopardy

This post may be one of Sheri’s favorites because it represents one of her own earliest financial challenges as well as the inspiration behind her current career. In an earlier career, Sheri was employed by General Electric for 15 years in a variety of roles. As she accumulated compan
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Time is Money

Time Is Money: Start Saving for Retirement Now – Summer Refresher Series

Let us count the ways that we still love this post about the benefits of youthful investing in a Roth IRA. First, there are few investment lessons more powerful than the importance of starting to save and invest when you’re young, with time, compound returns and tax sheltering opportu
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College finance

Summer Refresher: The Ups and Downs of Sending Your Child to College

In early June, several of us at SageBroadview shared our recent adventures in the college admissions process. In particular, Sheri described some of the college admission challenges  that she, her husband and her youngest son Devon encountered as they sought a good fit for his higher
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summer refresher

Sheri’s Summer Refresher Series Introduction

If you have been following our SageBroadview blog for a while, you probably already know that we have long endorsed taking time away from work now and then to enjoy friends, family and a bit of free time. Here is one of our most recent posts about how to Appreciate the Wealth of Your
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