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What Sheri’s Reading: Back to School 2017 Edition

Dominic begins his senior year at WPI and Devon his sophomore year at the Hartt School; Dave and I return to being empty-nesters.  Sigh. As your kids or grandkids head back to school, I’ve compiled a list for your reading pleasure.  You will find some light-hearted articles, som
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Summer Reads

What Sheri’s Reading: June 2017 Edition

A curated list for your reading pleasure — some light-hearted articles, some that are thought-provoking, and some of a more practical nature: Why Walking Helps Us Think (The New Yorker) “What is it about walking, in particular, that makes it so amenable to thinking and writing? The an
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What Sheri’s Reading: March 2017 Edition

A curated list for your reading pleasure — some light-hearted articles, some that are thought-provoking, and some of a more practical nature: This Bull Market Isn’t as Old as Some Seem to Think (BloombergView) “Why is this important? Understanding how old a bull market is
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What Sheri’s Reading: January 2017 Edition

  I don’t know about you, but I’m a fast reader and I can barely keep up with the news these days. I start each morning reading from a variety of national and local media outlets (and support each one with paid subscriptions which I feel is vitally important) then try to do some
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favorite reads

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Reads

As Thanksgiving nears and we are close to wrapping up another year of SageBroadview posts, I find myself reflecting on a favorite theme: Things that make me grateful. Some of my favorite things on that count include: (1) my family, friends and clients, (2) my colleagues, and (3) my re
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Piles of books

What Sheri’s Reading and “2016 Reading Challenge” Update

“2016 Reading Challenge” Update This year I set a challenge to read 38 books in 2016 by reading at least 25 pages a day (Fast Company’s Stephanie Vozza thinks I should Read 50 Books this Year. Maybe next year.) So far I’ve read 15 books.  Some Young Adult fiction. (Yes I’m a YA fan al
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Reading on Reading

What Sheri’s Reading About Reading

If there were a 12-step program for weaning someone off of her reading addiction, you’d turn blue in the face if you held your breath waiting for me to enroll in it. In fact, I’ve taken my compulsion one step further from “recovery.” Lately, I’ve been reading a good deal about reading
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best financial websites

Sheri’s Best Of “101” Investing Insights

As we mentioned in a recent post, Taking a Twitter Tonic,  it’s important to be selective about the financial news you choose to peruse. That said, there are islands of sensible advice out there as well. We try to share as many of them as we can in our own blog and social media posts.
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Has Market Mania Got You Down? Take a Twitter Tonic

Didn’t we have enough of this last year? If there’s a silver lining to another winter’s worth of wild weather, it’s that it might be taking our minds off the market’s current squalls. That’s good, because studies have shown that our brains react to scary financial news as if our very
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2016 reading challenge

What Sheri’s Reading: 2016 Reading Challenge

Good news! Since I achieved my 25-book 2015 Reading Challenge with time to spare, I’ve upped the ante, setting my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge at 38 books. Gulp. Fortunately, I’ve got a great source of SageBroadview inspiration to help me achieve my lofty goal. Larry’s son and Chr
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