Models vs. Reality, Indexes vs. Investing Part I: What’s in an Index?

In recent posts (part I and part II), we covered some of the ways people try to determine how their investments have been doing, and how mismatched measures can generate misguided views. Determining your portfolio’s Time-Weighted Rate of Return (TWR) is one way to reach a relatively a
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Sheri’s Best Of “101” Investing Insights

As we mentioned in a recent post, Taking a Twitter Tonic,  it’s important to be selective about the financial news you choose to peruse. That said, there are islands of sensible advice out there as well. We try to share as many of them as we can in our own blog and social media posts.
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Has Market Mania Got You Down? Take a Twitter Tonic

Didn’t we have enough of this last year? If there’s a silver lining to another winter’s worth of wild weather, it’s that it might be taking our minds off the market’s current squalls. That’s good, because studies have shown that our brains react to scary financial news as if our very
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