3 Things: Wealth Scale, the Generations, & People in the Wild

Where are you on this scale? 1. In “The Three Levels of Wealth,” Ben Carlson tries to determine where most Americans might find themselves on Stewart Butterfield’s scale: Level 1. I’m not stressed out about debt: People who no longer have to worry about their credit card debt or stude
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health care

3 Things: All Things Health

Someone who is uniquely positioned as both a physician & financial planner offers advice on health care In 3 Ways to Stand Up to the Healthcare System & Control Costs, Dr. Carolyn McClanahan, CFP® shares “three ways to effect change in our system, get better care, and control
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personal finance

3 Things: Hope, Perseverance & Understanding

Ideas that change how you think about the world “You spend years trying to learn new stuff but then look back and realize that maybe like 10 big ideas truly changed how you think and drive most of what you believe.” Morgan Housel shares his list in “Ideas that Changed My Life”. What d
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Election Day

What Sheri’s Reading: Election Day Edition

If you lived in a place with an election yesterday I hope you exercised your right to vote. Here’s why. Tax Nerd Stuff: On Monday, November 2nd, 2017 the House Republican leaders released the “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act” tax bill. We at SageBroadview are reviewing the proposal with
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Life Insurance

Layering Life Insurance

Sheri’s take: Recently, we shared two guest posts on this fall’s insurance open enrollment period, authored by Mark Maurer, CFP®, MBA, president and CEO of LLIS. Mark’s posts were well-received, so we were delighted when he agreed to share one more interesting idea with us on how to u
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John Oliver’s Award-Winning Take on Financial “Havoc”

John Oliver’s Award-Winning Take on Financial “Havoc”: Part II

Part II: Student Debt and For-Profit Colleges In last week’s post, I shared two of my favorite John Oliver “Last Week Tonight” satiric exposés on financial disinterests that can do damage to your retirement and your credit scores. Today, I want to wrap with one more video from this re
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Family Wealth Planning

Family Wealth Planning: Grampy Larry’s Take

In last week’s post, “And Then There Was Avery Grace,” our Wealth Manager and new father Chris Annello shared some of the wealth planning initiatives he and his wife are prioritizing during their first year as new parents to their daughter Avery Grace. This week, we bring you “Grampy”
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Family Wealth Planning: And Then There Was Avery Grace

What better way to continue our back-to-school blogging season than by introducing our newest (and most precious) student of life and SageBroadview star, Avery Grace Annello? Born last May to our Wealth Manager Chris Annello and his wife Lindsay, Avery fast became the light of their l
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Student Financial Aid

Breaking News: Student Financial Aid Just Got Easier

Attention, all parents and students! We bid farewell to Sheri’s Summer Refresher Series and bring you an important, good-news announcement that you might have missed in all the back-to-school action (including all the obligatory “first day at school” social media posts and pics). As r
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Health and Wealth

Summer Refresher: Integrating Your Health and Your Wealth

The lessons learned from our 2013 post on health and wealth seem like an excellent way to wrap Sheri’s Summer Refresher Series, before we move on to new ideas and fresh posts for the rest of the year. If there’s one piece that gets to the heart of what we’re about at SageBroadview, th
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