How Much is Your Portfolio Costing You? Understanding Your Portfolio Fees – Summer Refresher Series

In some respects, we wish this piece weren’t worth re-posting. We’d prefer it if today’s investors no longer needed to be on the look-out for the opaque fees and conflicts of interest described. Unfortunately, with only a few minor updates, the information is still as relevant today a
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Dimensional Fund Adivsors, Investing

Another Helpful Take on Fiduciary Duty

Well, speaking of the devil. Or, in this case, the devilish ways that some financial representatives make investment recommendations that may or may not be in your best interest. It depends on whether they are in a fiduciary relationship with you … or not. No sooner had we wrapped our
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What is a Fiduciary? Demystifying “Fiduciary” Financial Advice

So, have you heard about the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) new fiduciary rule, now governing the advice you receive for your retirement plan assets? If so, congratulations, you’re in an elite group. Maybe the news would have received wider coverage if the election year weren’t in full
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inspiring ideas

Inspiring Insights, Invigorating Ideas

One of the reasons I read as much as I do is to be inspired by others. There’s nothing I love more than discovering an intriguing new way to frame an old idea, and then sharing what I’ve learned, hoping to inspire others as well. On the flip side, there’s nothing more demoralizing tha
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fiduciary advice

Fiduciary Advice in the Limelight

If you are keeping an eye on the financial press, you may be noticing a flurry of commentary of late, with respect to a financial advisor’s duties and obligations to his or her clients. The White House recently released its report, “The Effects of Conflicted Investment Advice on Retir
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engage with SageBroadview

Dear SageBroadview: Let’s Get Engaged

All the talk of relationships this past Valentine’s Day had us reflecting on our client engagements and the two-way relationships they represent. Our Client Pledge As we dedicate ourselves to placing our clients’ financial interests even ahead of our own, we make a commitment th
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Chris Annello CFP Practitioner

Way to Wrap Up 2014, Chris Annello, CFP®!

2014 was a pretty exciting year at SageBroadview. For starters, it is our first year as a combined SageBroadview force. Even as we threw ourselves into combining the energy of two good firms into one, we also took on a variety of personal goals. Most noteworthy was Associate Advisor C
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The Worth of Sage Advice Part IV: Crunching the Numbers on Advisor “Alpha”

In our last post, “What’s Driving Your Advisor Relationship,” we discussed some of the qualitative ingredients that go into a satisfying advisor relationship. Essentials such as fiduciary duty, seasoned experience and transparent fees are critical. But qualitative assessments should a
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The Worth of Sage Advice Part III: What’s Driving Your Advisor Relationship?

In our last post, “Good, Better and Best Advisor Value,” we shared some reasons we feel it’s worth working with a professional financial advisor rather than going it alone. As we continue to explore the worth of sage advice this month, we’ll describe how to identify, not just any advi
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choosing financial advisor

The Worth of Sage Advice Part II: “Good, Better and Best” Advisor Value

In a recent post, “Obvious Man Takes on the Wealth Advisor World,” we introduced a subject of obvious interest to us: the value we believe a financial advisor can bring to helping you manage the wealth of your life. We also promised to provide additional information throughout Novembe
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