Equifax data breach

Equifax Breach: Here’s What I’m Doing

It’s been hard to escape the news of the Equifax breach. Even though it happened starting in May 2017 we’re only just hearing about it. In my opinion, and others’, the company’s response to this breach has been far from stellar. Huffington Post reports: The Fed
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mortgage checklist

Pay or Stay With Your Mortgage Part 2: Properly Paying Off Your Mortgage

In my last post, we covered some of the financial trade-offs to consider before you decide to pay off your mortgage on the early side. Still, sooner or later, I hope that payoff day does arrive for you. There are few financial acts more gratifying than ensuring your castle is all your
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home mortgage

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early? – Pay or Stay With Your Mortgage Part 1

We hear this question often: “Should I pay off my mortgage early?” As you’ll hear us say even more often, the answer is, “It depends.” It’s nice to no longer have that monthly mortgage payment, and there’s something satisfying about owning your home outright. That said, if you allocat
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Savings Bond Tips in a Tech-Savvy World

If there’s an investment instrument that has withstood the test of time, it’s the good, old U.S. savings bond. Since their 1935 debut under “New Deal” President Franklin D. Roosevelt, they’ve never been known for their get-rich glamour. But to this day, investors still turn to them wh
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budgeting apps

Four Budgeting Apps for Young Adults: Making Budgeting More Fun?

Okay, I know budgeting is rarely fun for anyone, but it can be especially hard on young adults. You’ve just wrapped up your formal education and received your first decent paycheck – way more than you’ve been earning between classes. What’s a common reaction? “I deserve a shopping spr
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Buy or Lease

Buy or Lease Your New Car?

Ah, there’s nothing quite like that new-car smell? It’s so popular, you can even buy it in a can. To me, I’m not sure that’s worth it unless I get an actual new car along with it. That said, given the costs, when it does come time to replace your classic clunker with a shiny (and frag
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Mindful Money Walk

Sheri Walks the Mindful Money Walk … in Europe

Mindful living, including spending money where it will be most meaningful, is certainly a regular theme here at SageBroadview. To search for that meaning, there’s ample academic evidence suggesting that we tend to find more happiness spending money on experiences than things. For exam
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John Oliver’s Award-Winning Take on Financial “Havoc”

John Oliver’s Award-Winning Take on Financial “Havoc”: Part II

Part II: Student Debt and For-Profit Colleges In last week’s post, I shared two of my favorite John Oliver “Last Week Tonight” satiric exposés on financial disinterests that can do damage to your retirement and your credit scores. Today, I want to wrap with one more video from this re
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Financial Havoc

John Oliver’s Award-Winning Take on Financial “Havoc”

Part I: Retirement Plans and Credit Checks Did you catch the Emmy awards in mid-September? While the pageantry can be a bit much for my bookworm tastes, I was thrilled to see John Oliver, one of my favorite commentators, receive an Emmy for his “Last Week Tonight” show. Well deserved!
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Family Wealth Planning

Family Wealth Planning: Grampy Larry’s Take

In last week’s post, “And Then There Was Avery Grace,” our Wealth Manager and new father Chris Annello shared some of the wealth planning initiatives he and his wife are prioritizing during their first year as new parents to their daughter Avery Grace. This week, we bring you “Grampy”
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