Quarterly Market Review

Dimensional’s Quarterly Market Review (Q2 2017)

Second Quarter Market Review: A Sea of Green If memory serves, it’s been a while since every market on Dimensional’s Quarterly Market Review summary page is depicted by a green arrow of positive returns. As diversification would have it, there’s usually at least one red one in the mix
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crazy quilt

Continued Comfort from “the Crazy Quilt Chart”

We all have our symbolic security blankets, right? Mine is Madeleine L’Engle’s “Wrinkle in Time.” I first read it when I was a young adult, shortly after it became a Newbery Medal winner and I was still the book’s target audience. It was such a bull’s eye that I continue to revisit it
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Market Quarterly

Dimensional’s Quarterly Market Review (Q1 2017)

SageBroadview Quarterly Market Review: Q1 2017 Wherever You Go, Go Diversified We’ve got two comments inspired by Dimensional’s first quarter 2017 market review. Both of them lead to the same, sage solution: global diversification remains an investor’s best friend. First, let’s talk a
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global insights

Dimensional Fund Advisors: Going Global Is Still in Vogue

Here’s a trick question: When does 5,000 = 3,600? The answer is: when you’re counting how many companies the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index is actually tracking these days. The name suggests there are at least 5,000 publicly traded, U.S.-listed companies in the total market, but tha
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How High Can High Returns Go?

Dimensional Fund Advisors: How High Can High Returns Go?

So is the Dow going to bust past 20,000 or isn’t it? By the time you’re reading this, maybe it already has. Either way, what does the milestone high-water mark mean to you as an investor? We would propose that the answer is: Not a whole lot. Whenever markets flirt with new highs, you
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2016 Market Review

Dimensional Fund Advisors: 2016 Review – More Views Heard From

First, we published our own “Year in SageBroadview Review,” summarizing the posts we shared in 2016. Then, we offered a double-header of fourth quarter and annual market reviews from Dimensional Fund Advisors. Before we set our sights forward, we’d like to share a couple more resource
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Dimensional’s Quarterly Market Review (Q4 2016 & TY 2016)

Two Market Reviews – One Perspective What’s better than one market review? How about two, to compare and contrast? Hot off the press from Dimensional Fund Advisors, we offer a close-up of the fourth quarter just ended, as well as a slightly broader view of 2016’s annual market perform
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Dimensional Fund Adivsors, Investing

Dimensional Fund Advisors: A Vote for Small Cap Stocks?

Down to the Wire | A Vote for Small Cap Stocks? December 22, 2016 WESTON WELLINGTON, VICE PRESIDENT In the recent period following the US presidential election, US small company stocks experienced higher returns than US large company stocks. This column looks at these returns relative
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Dimensional Fund Adivsors, Investing

Dimensional Fund Advisers: Prediction Season

December 2016 Prediction Season Predictions about future price movements come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them tempt the investor into playing a game of outguessing the market. “The close of each calendar year brings with it the holidays as well as a chance to look forward to
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Demystifying Evidence-Based Investing

As Nobel laureate Eugene Fama once said, “Investment theory simplifies things that are otherwise shrouded in mystery and confusion.” We couldn’t agree more … but sustaining that level of simplification is a way of life, not a one-time task. That’s why we regularly attend educational f
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