Student Financial Aid

Breaking News: Student Financial Aid Just Got Easier

Attention, all parents and students! We bid farewell to Sheri’s Summer Refresher Series and bring you an important, good-news announcement that you might have missed in all the back-to-school action (including all the obligatory “first day at school” social media posts and pics). As r
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Dimensional Fund Adivsors, Investing

Dimensional Fund Advisors: Back to School

September 2016 Back to School Higher education may come with a high and increasing price tag, so it makes sense to plan well in advance. With school back in session in most of the country, many parents are likely thinking about how best to prepare for their children’s future college e
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College finance

Summer Refresher: The Ups and Downs of Sending Your Child to College

In early June, several of us at SageBroadview shared our recent adventures in the college admissions process. In particular, Sheri described some of the college admission challenges  that she, her husband and her youngest son Devon encountered as they sought a good fit for his higher
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SageBroadview’s Crash Course in College Admissions Part IV: The Drama of a Theatrical Program

Following up on Sheri’s insights  from Devon’s search for a musical program, Wendy Vissar reflects on the challenges that she, her husband Michael Slackman and their son Nikolas have encountered in his desire to pursue a career in theatrical arts. As long-time neighbors and good frien
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college auditions

SageBroadview’s Crash Course in College Admissions Part III: Applying for Performing Arts Programs

Shakespeare may have been right when he penned, “All the world’s a stage.” But as Sheri, her husband Dave and their youngest son Devon have discovered, an aspiring performing arts student will still find the college admissions process even more challenging as a result of extra auditio
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college admissions

SageBroadview’s Crash Course in College Admissions Part II: Embarking on “The Admissions Journey”

In our last post, we described how a number of us here at SageBroadview have been on personal quests to send our kids to college … and have lived to tell the tale. Today, we share some of the key insights Lynn Iannetta Baker discovered as she, her husband Scott and their daughter Sara
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college advice

College Admissions Part I: Preparing for the Admissions Journey

Planning for College It never rains but it pours, or so the saying goes. As it applies to sending our beloved adult children to college, many of us here at SageBroadview have been getting deluged lately. As Sheri described, Dominic flew the coop in 2014. This fall Devon, her youngest
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Wait. Mom and Dad aren’t paying anymore?

This blog post was authored by Mike Iannetta.  Mike is Sheri’s nephew and will be attending Fordham University next year to study finance. He recently completed an internship at SageBroadview. I have always been a spender and the guy who does stupid things (for lack of a better term)
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