market meltdown

3 Things: About Last Week

The market meltdown everyone saw coming 1.  Explaining the Correction with Perfect Hindsight (Barry Ritholtz, 10/15/2018) “We interrupt this regularly scheduled correction to bring you an after the fact narrative explaining in great detail and with utter certainty what just occurred i
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3 Things: Scary Headlines Resurface

Scary headlines resurface 1.     Writers have dusted off their dictionaries and words like “sink”, “plunge”, and “selloff” have reappeared in the headlines. (Say those words out loud and notice how they make you feel. Ugh. Right?) The antidote is co
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SageBroadview in Fund Reference

SBV In The News: 101 Investing Insights From the Experts

Fund Reference recently featured some of Sheri’s tips in their 101 Investing Insights From the Experts article.  Here is a sample: “If you’re feeling fear or panic to threatening news, it’s okay to feel that way; just don’t let it overrule your common sense. The best cure
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what sheri's reading

What Sheri’s Reading: Special Edition

We briefly interrupt our regularly scheduled programing (Investment Basics Series) for a special edition of “What Sheri’s Been Reading.” How have you been feeling the past few days?  Hopefully you’ve ignored the gyrations of the stock markets and kept your eye on the long
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Jason Zweig’s Devil’s Financial Dictionary: Truth in Financial Advertising

To all humor there is an element of truth, especially in Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig’s recently published Devil’s Financial Dictionary. Inspired by late 19th century satirist Ambrose Bierce’s “The Devil’s Dictionary,” Zweig’s devilish definitions take on a range of Wall
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