As a busy professional, you don’t have much space for what you could use the most: breathing room. Corporate executives/managers, medical professionals, attorneys, small business owners and others who have experienced accelerated accumulation or successfully transitioned into early retirement could use sage direction in managing their and their family’s personal and professional financial affairs.

SageBroadview offers seasoned assistance, helping you integrate the complex details of your successful career into your broader life’s plans.


We have direct, hands-on experience helping you make best use of your company stock options and similar compensation packages in concert with your personal goals.

A Sage Choice for Your Stock Options

If your last name is Zuckerberg, there are plenty of experts lining up to manage your most complex Facebook stock options. Then there’s the rest of us: Corporate executives depending on stock options and similar offerings to sustain our family’s desired lifestyle.

For the rest of us, good advice is hard to find. We know that, because we’ve been there. In an earlier career, Principal Sheri Iannetta Cupo applied her business savvy at a top Fortune 500 company where she received generous stock options. Turning to H.R., accountants, colleagues – all sorts to learn how to manage these assets – she couldn’t find anyone deeply committed to helping professionals like herself with promising compensation packages or other challenging business income requirements, but little time or expertise to make the most of that promise.

Undaunted, Sheri obtained her CFP® credentials, specializing in corporate compensation structures. Today, SageBroadview offers a hands-on process and personal passion for guiding corporate executives and other business professionals according to individual tax-management, life-planning and retirement goals. From analysis, education and strategy, to implementation and electronic monitoring, we advise on:

  • Employee stock purchase plans
  • Stock options including incentive and non-qualified options
  • Restricted stock and restricted stock units
  • Stock appreciation rights and stock-settled appreciation rights
  • Deferred compensation plans

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For business owners, physicians, dentists, attorneys and other busy professionals – we understand what it takes to build a strong investment portfolio for you and your family, without undermining the hard-won equity required to sustain your thriving practice.

A Sage Choice Among Professionals

Your personal and professional assets must be carefully managed as distinct components within your financial plan, but physicians, dentists, attorneys, business owners and other busy professionals know another vital truth:

You are a whole person, greater than your parts. Your career, family, community and individual passions are often as inseparable as they are distinct.

We understand that, because we are busy professionals ourselves, managing our firm and experiencing many of the same challenges and opportunities as you. Additionally, before joining the accounting firm of Del Conte, Hyde, Annello & Schuch, P.C. (DHAS) and before founding its financial planning arm, Principal Larry Annello served as Chief Financial Officer for two privately-owned companies, bringing him valuable insight and additional experience that benefits our business owner clients.

We are committed to bringing order to the often disparate financial pieces in your hectic life by combining robust investment portfolio management with solid financial life planning. We enjoy rolling up our sleeves to deliver a tightly crafted process as well as seasoned expertise in the multiple facets of your life, including:

  • Asset allocation review
  • Money management
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Debt management
  • Tax planning and preparation assistance *
  • Small business and/or rental income consulting
  • Employee benefits review
  • Stock option and deferred compensation planning
  • Estate, insurance and education planning
  • Other analyses, depending on individual needs

Imagine, both the parts and the whole, together as one. That’s SageBroadview planning.

* Combining personal income tax return preparation with financial planning may assist clients with a thorough, coordinated understanding of their finances. SageBroadview’s affiliated accounting firm, Del Conte, Hyde, Annello & Schuch, P.C. (DHAS), is available to prepare these tax returns. Clients are under no obligation to use the services of Del Conte, Hyde, Annello & Schuch, P.C.

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