…who knows your financial affairs are a critical catalyst to getting what you want in life, but with no time to fine-tune the engine because you’re already running at top speed?
…who wants to make the most of compensation and benefits that have gotten increasingly complex as your career progresses?
…who wonders if you will ever be financially independent?
…who is not ready to “retire” but would like help starting your next gig?
…looking for financial planning, tax management, and investment advice from independent Fee-Only financial advisors?

As busy corporate executives/managers, doctors, dentists, attorneys, and small business owners, you have unique planning needs that extend beyond just “the numbers”.
We understand; we’ve been there. Each of our Wealth Managers had other careers before we became Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners.
 Larry Annello, CPA/PFS, CFP® has more than a quarter-century of experience as a CPA and financial professional;
 Sheri Iannetta Cupo, CFP® worked for General Electric for fifteen years in a variety of roles;
 David Principe, CFP® and Chris Annello, CFP® have years of experience within the retail and small business worlds.

We built our personalized Wealth Management process for Busy Professionals around a three-pillared approach which combines:
Financial Life Planning
Investment Management
Tax Management
Please visit our FAQ section for answers to Frequently Asked Questions including information about our fee structure.

While we work with clients across the country, you can find us “near you” if you live in the areas of:
Morristown NJ, Farmington CT, or Burlington MA.

Rediscover your free time by leaving your financial worries and tasks to us.
Working together, we will help you create the version of your future that speaks to your goals and values.
Here is how to get started.
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